Saturday, 11 February 2017

Rare Bargains & Internet Boredom

    Over the next few weeks it will be possible to get some bargains (things from the 'Items For Sale' page - see above - at lower starting prices) & also some very rare items - on Ebay - items such as FIEND LP 001 (an ultra-limited lathe-cut LP that appeared on Fiend Recordings many years ago - almost certainly the only one you will find anywhere on the planet!), Expose Your Eyes - More Coffee Buck Henry / Uncle Paul's Woolly Vests 8" (released on Pikie - again many years ago - this also is very hard to find), Easter, Puberty & Amplifiers 7" compilation released on Ignivomous, Diz Willis - Sketches In Steam 8", Muckraker #9 magazine & CD [featuring my interview with Diz plus a Simon Morris (Ceramic Hobs) interview, Reynols interview, Derek Bailey interview and stacks more stuff besides], some Snoo Wilson books that were signed by Snoo and dedicated to Diz, a Bob Cobbing booklet dedicated to Diz & Sandy (Kelsall), WNF Tag Team Noise Rumble Spectacular LP featuring a whole host of 1990s noisers (again, not many of these around), Fencing Flatworm Recordings 'Huddle One' 7", Sweet Tooth 5.57 7" (a long lost 'Whitehouse' record, actually made by me, Simon Morris & Dave Walklett - also a pretty rare item) and, last but not least, my 'Jesus Grinder' sculpture (which I neglected to mention in the artworks on the 'Items For Sale' page). These (and many other items) will do the rounds on Ebay for the next month or so then any that don't sell will remain available for sale here on the above page for maybe the next year, after which I will probably shut the blog down. There doesn't seem to be much reason for it - I'm finding it a bit tiresome (also all the YouTube channel stuff) - so I'm gonna give 'em this year to just sort of sit there, then I'll probably just focus solely on the Bandcamp - so, if there's anything you think you might like to download from the list of old stuff on the right or any of the old 'Interview/Review' etc. stuff at the top you think you might find interesting - or indeed any of the YouTube uploads you haven't yet seen (or think you might like to see again) - please consider getting onto it in the coming months.

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