Thursday, 8 December 2016

Ebay Day

    For anyone who might be interested, some Fiend items are on Ebay at the moment - Mrs Cakehead - President Hoover & On The Deck + Sugar+Shit, E.Y.E - Conducive cassette, E.Y.E. collabs (w/ N. Emissions & BCO) - Morocco, Butchered. E.Y.E. COLLABORATES CDR (w/K Muziek etc.), PH & Frank Moore collab, PH vs DDN cdr, Candi Nook - Click Over There, All Cod Mons cdr, V/A: 2001 OBLIVION. Some other stuff too - Mark Wynn - Dirty Work Issue 2 + CD, ...vultures (Harbinger triple LP of various noisers), Konstruktivists red vinyl LP on Bleak label...signed Stewart Home book, couple of Frank Key books, Bob Cobbing booklet, Body Worlds poster...leaflets/flyers...other bits & pieces.

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