Tuesday, 1 March 2016


    I will be trying the following items on a ten day ebay auction starting tomorrow or Thursday: A special one-off CDR of Expose Your Eyes - 'Z=z +C', Humperdinck - 'SECCA' CD, '2001 Oblivion' Various Artists CDR, Expose Your Eyes & Nocturnal Emissions - 'Morocco' Ltd. to 100 CDR, Paul Harrison & Frank Moore - 'Collaboration' CDR, E.Y.E - 'Greatests Hits' CDR, E.Y.E - 'Collaborates' (with Kapotte Muziek, Hyware, etc. etc.) CDR, E.Y.E - 'Half Sta Plus' CDR, PH vs DDN CDR, Mrs Cakehead - 'On The Deck + Sugar+Shit' CDR, Mrs Cakekead - 'President Hoover' CDR, Habitchual Mastabreaker - 'Dextrus Wave' CDR, Habitchual Mastabreaker - 'Soul Coma' CDR, E.Y.E - 'Conducive' Ltd. to 100 cassette, E.Y.E - 'NYCC' cassette, E.Y.E - 'Unfiltered' cassette, E.Y.E - 'The Clock Don't Walk' cassette, Candi Nook - 'Queen of the Swirley-Eyed Ant Monkeys' cassette, Candi Nook - 'Self Hinging Non-Rocking' one-off CDR, '...And The Vultures Miss Nothing...' Various Artists triple Harbinger LP.

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