Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Abandoned Soundcloud

    'ABANDONED TROUSERS - An Imaginary Bands Compilation' is up on Bandcamp - inspired by Primo Vestige's crap, liberating, ridiculous, frightening, wonderful, insidious short story "Life Is A Pugilist's Nappy Dream" - an actual physical real CDR version with pamphletised story will soon be made available for the three people that will be interested. 
    The current soundcloud list of...
Paul Harrison - The Price Of War
Expose Your Eyes - Steaming Slipons
Expose Your Eyes & Stonebody - The Expectation Trap
Paul Harrison - NRP2 track
Paul Harrison - The Results (Part 1: The Process) about to change in the next few days. I will be aiming to change it more frequently than mentioned in an earlier post - hopefully about every three weeks. The E.Y.E 'On The Wire' radio feature and Smell & Quim 'medley' should remain as permanent items.

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