Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Ebay Gum...

    I've been rooting around in boxes and on shelves and down the back of the sofa and I've unearthed a bunch of items which might be worth trying on Ebay. I'm going to put a selection of these things up there on 4th February for 10 days. Half of any profits I might get from this selection will go to the Flood Relief Fund. The items so far chosen will be:
    Expose Your Eyes & Nocturnal Emissions - Morocco (Ltd. to 100 CDR - Fiend CD 003)
    Expose Your Eyes - Conducive (Ltd. to 100 cassette on Nute Records - Nute014)
    V/A - ...and the vultures miss nothing. (Numbered 235/500 triple LP - Harbinger004 - featuring AMK, Contagious Orgasm, S. Core, Small Cruel Party, Mlehst, Dogliveroil, Expose Your Eyes, Smell & Quim, Evil Moisture, Putrefier, Thirdorgan, Government Alpha, Hailstorm, Deepkiss 720, Onomatopoeia, Richard Ramirez, Skin Crime, Pain Jerk, Macronympha, Taint, Con-Dom and M.S.B.R.).
    I've also got a bag of Fiend Recordings remnants - discs that were burnt, pre-prepared covers that were printed but never used - I'll have a look through it later and see what I can find to add to the list...

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