Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Breaking News: E.Y.E Hits Top Ten! And The Weather: Soundclouds On The Horizon!

    Rob Hayler kindly put M.D.2015 at number 10 in his Zellaby Awards end-of-year round up at Radio Free Midwich. Thanks Rob!
    A proper rotation plan for the soundcloud (see link on the right) has been mapped out for the next 12 months or so - with the aim of changing most of the uploads every 5 or 6 weeks. All sorts of old odds and ends have been dragged out of the archives. If you want to hear any of this shit then grab it now because it's unlikely that much of this stuff will resurface again.
   Some of the goodies you will have a chance to hear if you keep an eye on it once every month or two are full uploads of Expose Your Eyes & Stonebody: The Expectation Trap, Candi Nook: Queen Of The Swirley-Eyed Ant Monkeys, E.Y.E: Whitney's Fat Cock, E.Y.E: Sleep, E.Y.E: Early Shit, Mine: Scape (my pre-E.Y.E stuff), Dislexia (an 'unfinished' collaboration with factor X), We Are All Fucking Each Other In Heaven (my rave epic!) , By The Space I Get To Wakefield (my collaboration with Neil Campbell) plus choice cuts of Nightsoil (my collaborative project with Mark Wharton), Candi Nook: In The Pink?, Tollbridge Snakepoke, Superfuckers, E.Y.E: Stalks, my collaboration with Stimbox, the E.Y.E sides to split tapes with Ames Sanglantes, Jason Campbell & The D.L. Savings T.X. - plus so much more that I can't mention it all...! A lot of it so shit that I probably shouldn't mention it at all! Horrible as it all is - it's gonna be there anyway! For a while...so don't miss it!

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