Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Curse Of Ernst

    Just gone up on You Tube are my remixes of OKOK Society stuff (FIEND CD 070) - the master discs have suffered from a bit of disc rot, but I neglected to make back-ups at the time of doing it and can't locate anyone who still has a copy - so these are probably the only ones left & it is therefore a bit of a noisier listen than when originally produced.
    Also just up - some clips of the new E.Y.E offering - 'poissant rouge'.
    I've had to upload in 15 minute sections for some of this latest stuff, because part way through it I received a Copyright Strike on the Max Ernst documentary I uploaded some time ago and, as part of my 'penalties' for being a bad boy, I lose the ability to upload longer videos for the next six months. I'm pretty much up to scratch on everything now anyhow - so have no particular plans to put much up there for quite a while.

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