Friday, 21 August 2015

Other Labels

    Some Expose Your Eyes stuff that was originally released on labels other than Fiend has just gone up on Bandcamp:
- My collaboration with Pain Jerk (Harbinger Sound) - given its original intended title "Decomposed" here (for want of any better title) and extended somewhat with the inclusion of the extra E.Y.E material that didn't make it onto the vinyl.
- "Millennium Drug" (psr) - originally released on CDR in a gatefold card case with printed acetate insert and sleeve-notes by Camilla X.
- "Resolution" (Umbababayee Records) - originally a CDR in jewel case with printed clear acetate inserts.
- "Wasted Burn Out - Fuck You!" (Small Orange) - originally a CDR limited to 100 copies. After the demise of Small Orange I re-released it as a Fiend Special Release (FIEND SR10). On Bandcamp I've used the Fiend release 'warped' version of the cover rather than the original cover on the Small Orange release.
    Also gone up there recently by E.Y.E - "Black Hole" - an album of mostly unused, unreleased, unloved old tracks! "Compilation Compilation" - an album of, guess what, tracks that appeared on compilations and, by The OKOK SOCIETY, the wonderful, mysterious "THIRD SIDE LP".

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