Thursday, 20 August 2015

Sound Sparks

    It was making films (and creating my own soundtrack) back in the mid-1980s that ignited the spark for playing around with sound for me and seeing what images can be conjured up just by the noise alone.
    Most of the films can be seen on the YouTube channel - which is split into handy sections relating to my films, films I have made of live performances, Expose Your Eyes in particular, Fiend Recordings in general and 'Project X' (which covers non-E.Y.E sounds I've done - either using my own name or a pseudonym - or as part of another group, like Smell & Quim). There are also some other large sections featuring other YT uploads that I like or find interesting.
    The Soundcloud is intended to contain a 'rotating' (coming and going - changing from time to time) bunch of odds & ends that don't really fit anywhere else. Excerpts from my cassette collaboration with AUDIBLE XXY have just been added & a piece relating to E.Y.E. that was on Radio Lancashire back in 1997 (that I found when I was rummaging through a box of old tapes).
    Coming soon to the Bandcamp are a couple of specially constructed E.Y.E albums featuring tracks that appeared on various compilations over the years and tracks that, largely, didn't appear anywhere (mostly sounds that were intended for but never used in proposed collaborations).

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